Brash Young Fools

The Liar, the Witch Hunter and the Priests robe

  • Meet with Ketzenblum, gained information that she suspects there was a traitor in the Southlands expedition, thought she asks more questions than she answers
  • Boris meets with Werner Markheim and fails to gain employment (though his name is on the books)
  • Go to the Temple and chat with Priest Frost, success, come back tomorrow to speak with High Priest Weiss
  • Search around town looking for evidence against Von Aschenbeck, eventually receive a letter from someone calling themself ‘Brenner’ saying meet me tomorrow at the Draken
  • Head to the Draken, find the room, steal the book, guard turn up, manage to dodge handing the book over
  • Return to the scholar’s to pore over ’Brenner’s Journal’, discover some of the letters are likely forged
  • Left a message for Ketzenblum at the Prospect to state that Von Aschenbeck is being framed
  • Went to the Temple of Ulric, met with Weiss, got approval to perform ritual
  • Return to the Draken, discover the whole place has shut up shop, Boris is suspicious
  • Visit with Von Oppenheim and tell him they have approval for the ritual
  • Return to the Scholars, no word from Ketzenblum that evening, there is a letter the following morning requesting their presence at the Trial of Von Aschenbeck


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