Brash Young Fools

The Harrower of Thanes

  • Engage Zurgash and the goblins. Boris lets his pistols off and the loud noise wakes Mydthroth.
  • Mydthrooth knocks out Karl
  • Boris and Joachim run
  • Mydthroth catches Boris and throws him past Joachim into the wall, Boris falls unconscious
  • Joachim runs into the workshop, tricks Mydthroth into running under the hammer and jumps off the platform, hitting him with the contraption which then collapses around the monster
  • Joachim runs into the next room – up into the gatehouse, throws his torch into the bowl of pitch and attempts to drop it down the murder hole into the creature, but misses
  • Joachim doubles back, barring doors on the way and first aids Boris back to health.
  • Karl awakes from his stress induced faint.
  • The group gathers in the great hall, Joachim positioning a scarecrow like figure and perching his hat atop it.
  • Mydthroth stomps through and falls for the trick, the Fools unleash all of their black powder weapons, sadly only Boris hits (however he causes a grievous wound on the creature)
  • He misses with a swing – next round Boris puts a bullet through him.


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