Brash Young Fools

Return to Averheim

  • Theo tried to quiz the fools about the location of Karag Dronar, they didn’t tell him anything
  • But they did get ejected from Grenzstadt
  • Made their way back to Averheim via a local town where there was an encounter with a flagellant taking a small crew North to war
  • Met with Capt. Baerfaust – who asked them to chase down Adele Ketzenblum and find out what she knows about the Black Cowl
  • Met with Graf Kaufman – Boris gave Friedrich the axe taken from the Dragon Ogre and asked to be provided with a new breastplate. Kaufman agreed
  • Got a messenger asking them to go meet with Luminary Mauer
  • Tried to find Adele Ketzenblum and failed – recruited a local Urchin to locate her for them


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