Brash Young Fools

Karag Dronar

  • Enter Karag Dronar – Joachim attempts to run through gobbos in first room, fails, Boris shots one, Karl runs the other through
  • Check all doors in the next room, murdering snotlings and Nakka the squig, getting intoxicated by mushrooms
  • In the shrine, they spend a while investigating the sarcophagi and attempt to match runes on the alcoves to the hammer, finally leaving without leaving the hammer anywhere
  • In the workshop they free the two captives and then reorganise the workbenches in the room to make a ‘trap run’ that leads underneath the mechanical hammer
  • In the great hall, Boris shoots one of the goblins sentries in the face whilst the other escapes through the door.
  • The Fools yank the door open and shoot the escaping goblin and see the rest of Zurgashs crew gathered around him, chanting


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