Karl Ritter


Human Gambler

Skill Training and Specialisations:
Guile *
Intuition *
Observation *
Skullduggery *
Stealth *
Weapon Skill *

Special Abilities:
Favoured by Fate

Wound Threshold: 14

Stance: CRRR

Race: Human
Career: Gambler
Experience: 10
Rank: 2

Strength: 3
Toughness: 4
Agility: 4 (1)
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 3

Action Cards:
Devious Manoeuvre
Duellist’s Strike
Dirty Tricks

Shady (Reputation)

Spent Advances (10):
Talent: Shady
Wound Threshold
Action Card: Backstab
Skill: Guile
Skill: Observation
Action Card: Dirty Tricks
Agility fortune die
Out of career advance – Skill: Weapon Skill
Skill: Intuition


Karl Ritter has all the hallmarks of a down-at-heels young gentleman: the expensive clothes slowly turning into rags; slightly patronising attitude, with just a hint of desperation; even his surname, common among low nobility and spoken with such subtle hesitation that astute observers might assume an effort to spare his true family the embarrassment of reduced circumstances.

But if Ritter is not his birth name, neither is Karl any kind of noble’s scion. He learned his manners as the son of a butler, and his card skills from the young gentry of the household. Unfortunately, he never learned until too late what might happen if he were to embarrass his master’s friends – by winning all of their pocket-money, say… but who wants to dwell on the past?

A suit of clothes, some stolen silverware, a deck of cards: a new man is born. A sharp, intrepid young gent from good stock. Willing to pass the time with a game or two, if you’re in funds?

Jolly good. No no, you go ahead and deal – I barely remember the rules to this one. Isn’t this exciting?

Aims and objectives:

Karl aims to be rich. And landed. Powerful. The darling of the crowds, with a more beautiful companion for each new day of the week.

But he’d settle for rich.

Karl Ritter

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