Joachim von Winterstein


Skill Training and Specialisations:
Ride *
Charm *
– Etiquette
– Seduction
Guile *
Education (unlocked)

Special Abilities:
Favoured by Fate

Wound Threshold: 12

Stance: CCRR

Race: Human
Career: Dilettante
Experience: 1
Rank: 1

Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 4 (1)

Action Cards:
Dramatic Flourish
Honeyed Words

Strong Willed (Reputation)
Quick Wits (Focus)

Spent Advances:
Open Advance: Fortune (Fellowship)


Joachim has had a harder life than many realise. The younger son of a minor Baron, he was aware at a young age of the shattering inequalities of life in the Empire – compared with other families of equal social status, his own was far from sufficiently wealthy to satisfy Joachim’s needs.

His youth and adolescence passed in a blur. Freed by virtue of his birth from the vulgar necessity of learning a trade, he spent his youth engaged in activities more befitting someone of his station. He would be hard pressed to remember the specifics, but these activities were, without a doubt, worthwhile. And despite what some fools might claim, not one of them was needlessly expensive, reckless or indulgent.

Things changed when Joachim’s father died from some trivial illness for which the pox-cursed doctors brought in by his pox-cursed older brother were incapable of finding a cure. His brother Willhelm inherited the family estate and immediately cut Joachim’s allowance, citing the need for austerity where it was clear to anyone with any sense that he acted out of pure jealousy. Joachim had always been his father’s favourite, after all.

Determined to free himself from the yoke of fraternal oppression, Joachim set out to make his own fortune, the fortune that his wit and natural talents demanded. A noble soul thrust out among the ne’er-do-wells of the world, common people with no respect for the von Winterstein name and no concept of ‘credit’, Joachim soon found himself short of funds and faced with a magistrate deaf to his pleas that his status and family name should spare him from the injustice of common laws.

Aims and Objectives:

Now newly released from debtors’ prison thanks to the intervention of his brother (still pox-cursed, and didn’t he take his sweet time about it!), Joachim has determined upon a new course in life. If the world will not give him what he so clearly deserves then he will have to find ways to take it from those sneering peers and uppity commoners who stand in his way. If that doesn’t work then Joachim fears he may have to resort to even more drastic action and find himself a wife!

Joachim von Winterstein

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