Boris Braubach


Skill Training and Specialisations:
Ballistic Skill * (Black Powder)
Resilience *
Ride *

Special Abilities:
Favoured by Fate

Wound Threshold: 13

Stance: CCRR

Race: Human
Career: Coachman
Experience: 9
Rank: 1

Strength: 3
Toughness: 4
Agility: 4 (2)
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 2

Action Cards:
Nimble Strike
Execution Shot
Double Charged Shot

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Tactic)
Fearless (Reputation)

Spent Advances:
Open Advance: Fortune (Agility)


Boris was born in Kislev, the bastard son of a prostitute named Ilse Braubach. His father was a soldier named Dieter Kortner, from the Imperial Heartland who was posted to defend the city of Kislev from a series of attacks from the Northern Chaos wastes. Shortly after Boris was born Dieter left for a new posting in the South and although Ilse begged him to stay and marry her, he wanted nothing to do with a low born prostitute and in a heated argument Ilse pulled a knife on him. Dieter disarmed her and cut her face to teach her a lesson for her insolence. Without her livelihood, and with a newborn baby to support, Ilse was soon destitute and had no choice but to abandon her son on the steps of an orphanage with her last few coins.

The Orphanage took Boris in and he remained there for almost 12 years. The place was run by a middle aged man named Rudiger Veidt. Veidt was a sombre man who had a very unhealthy paranoia of the ‘enemy within’. He would constantly and passionately lecture the children in his care on the dangers of cults and demonic possession. At first this was a subject of some amusement for the wards of the orphanage, but as Veidt grew older his eccentricities turned into dangerous psychosis. The children were regularly beaten to remove imagined Demons and were interrogated in great detail about their activities. One night, when Boris was around 10 years old, Veidt dragged a number of the older boys, including Boris, out of their beds and branded their chests with the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar ‘for their own protection’. The screams were enough for the City guard to investigate and Veidt was taken away, but Boris bore the physical and mental scars of his time there for the rest of his life.
Boris and the other three boys shared a very close bond after that night, and although two of them moved on shortly after one remained. Stephan Tomich was maybe a year older than Boris, but the two were thick as thieves. They would get into fights together and usually win, cause mischief around the orphanage and tease the girls. At the age of 12 Stephan was taken on as an apprentice to a travelling merchant. That was the last time Boris saw him for 10 years. Less than a year later Boris was also taken on as an apprentice, to a farrier in Kislev.

The young Boris had no interest in forging horseshoes, and found the forge hot and uncomfortable, but found that he had a way with Horses. He was eventually put in charge of the stables and cared for all the horses that came in to be re-shod. He learnt to ride and became a trusted employee, although he seldom spoke and very rarely smiled. The only person who would engage Boris in conversation was a businessman by the name of Alexei Geller. Geller was a stout chap with a forceful personality and a booming voice, who had lost his wife in childbirth 5 years ago and never re-married. He liked Boris because he was a keen listener and would always be fascinated by Alexei’s tales. Alexei owned a large company who’s primary function was running a coaching service across Kislev and the surrounding towns and villages. At the age of 16 Alexei offered Boris a job as an apprentice Coachman. The thought of leaving the forge behind and becoming a coachman was an easy decision and by that time Boris was nearing 6 foot and had broad shoulders and a lean physique and was more than capable of looking after himself.

The following 4 years were the best of Boris’ life. He was taken into Alexei’s household and as he had no children was treated as his own Son. Alexei was the only person Boris had spoken to about his ordeal in the orphanage, and he was amazed that Boris managed to live through such an ordeal. Alexei taught Boris how to drive a team of horses, shoot a pistol, rifle and blunderbuss, how to brawl (usually in one of the many Beer Cellars in the City), and how to fence. Boris lived for a short time as a young gentleman and was happy for the first time in his life, but it was not to last.

Alexei Geller had a number of relatives who wanted to get their hands on his fortune, and when they found out about his new ward they were concerned that Boris would inherit. Before Alexei had time to put a will in place they had him murdered. One night when Boris was staggering back from a night in the Karlsplatz beer cellar he was set upon by thugs, severely beaten and left for dead. The only thing his assailants took was his dagger. This was then used to cut the throat of Alexei Geller as he slept. Fearing he would be implicated for the crime Boris fled Kislev. He was left with nothing but the clothes on his back and has spent the last 3 years wandering the Empire plying his trade as a coachman but never staying in the same place for too long…

Boris is an angry man. He is angry at his Father for mistreating and deserting his mother. He is angry at Veidt for the abuse he endured at the orphanage, and he is angry at the damned greedy aristocrats who ruined his life and killed his friend Geller. In short Boris has a very short fuse and tends to fly off the handle easily. Deep down he has a good heart and hates the mistreatment of women and children. Boris fears getting too close to people because they will just get taken from him eventually…

Motivations & Goals:

Boris is searching for a home. Somewhere safe where he can live his life without looking over his shoulder. He has a severe dislike of the upper classes and targets them whenever he has to resort to theft. Boris also has an ingrained paranoid fear and hatred of the enemy within, something he gained as a child in the orphanage, and he bears the constant reminder in the form of the brand on his chest.

Boris Braubach

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