Brash Young Fools

Stand and Deliver

  • The Fools maintain a steadfast vigil of the docks all night due to the heavy rain. The only event of note is a vagrant pushing his box of meagre belongings through the mud from one side of the docs to another. Through careful surveillance and adept questioning Joachim is satisfied that the poor fellow is of no threat.
  • After a short, but well needed rest, a warm bath (for some) and a change of clothes (again not strictly for all members of the party) The Fools head to the Red Arrow offices and meet with Curd Weiss to discover what the new job is. He informs them that there have been a disturbing number of other attacks by bandits on the road and he has engineered a very overt and well advertised coach trip for the Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum, a bait too good for bandits to ignore. The Fools happily agreed to join the coach dressed in Red Arrow livery but keeping their heads down. Should the coach be ambushed they are to send a message to the bandits that the Red Arrow coaches are best left alone.
  • Not far outside Averheim the coach left the main road and began it’s journey to the residence of Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum. Before long they encountered a pile of fallen trees blocking the road. Boris made a show of moving the trees and took his time to ensure that the expected ambush had enough time to strike. It soon became evident that there was no ambush, but while returning to the coach Boris spotted a fresh set of tracks in the mud. Following these with as much subtlety and guile as he could summon led him to a deep patch of undergrowth that appeared to be harbouring someone. Boris lunged for the figure only to discover a young girl with a basket of apples who assured him that she was only there gathering apples. One look in her eyes suggested that she was lying and a quick rummage in her basket produced a hunting horn, which confirmed it. Boris forced the issue in the only language he speaks by pulling a knife which had two effects; the girl squealed and deftly connected her shin with Boris’ groin allowing her to escape into the forest. After a brief respite Boris took the horn and blew it, then sauntered back to the coach eating an apple.
  • Within moments a group of 5 horsemen brandishing pistols thundered around the corner. Boris took up position at the back of the coach while Karl and Joachim took cover behind the open doors and loaded their crossbows. As soon as the bandits were in range Boris place a handgun shot high on the shoulder of the lead rider before they closed and discharged their weapons at him. The breastplate of Olaus Stichhelm held fast against the torrent of lead leaving Boris bruised but otherwise uninjured and brief but violent melee ensued leaving 2 bandits dead. the remaining three turned tail and fled with Boris and Karl hot on their heels riding the horses of the two fallen men. The pair soon chased down and killed a further 2 bandits and Boris unhorsed the third for later questioning. He noticed that the man wore the black and yellow livery of an Averland state trooper…
  • The Fools then continued their journey with Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum to her residence; a luxurious lodge in the forest, and received the attention of her personal physician.


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