Brash Young Fools

Gather your finest robes

  • With the Masquerade approaching, the brash ones prepare themselves for the social event of the season. Joachim and Karl visit Madame Beaumarteau’s in search of fine costumes for the event. Joachim picking up an ostentatious suit featuring a half mask and Karl picking up a costume in the style of a Raven. Meanwhile Boris has a few lose holes in his cloak sewn up and has his equipment serviced whilst searching for a suitable coach to use as a grandiose entrance for the evening.
  • Plans for how to achieve the groups goals at the masquerade are discussed, culminating in Karl going to see a local forger to get a letter drawn up, allegedly from Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim to Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, stating the Graf’s intention to support Rickard in his bid for Lordship. As part of this gambit, immediately prior to the masquerade, Joachim conceals the proscribed Chaos texts within Guest Bedroom 1 of Holzenaur’s mansion, with the intent of using this as a trap for both Von Saponatheim and Aschaffenberg


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