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Joachim’s Journal

A true and faithful recollection of a nobleman detailing his dealings with certain less savoury types.

Part One
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Part Eight

Something rotten in Ubersreik – An interlude

Part Nine
Part Nine – further note
Boris’ journal
Inconsolable Thoughts

Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve
Part Thirteen
Part Fourteen
Part Fifteen
Part Sixteen
Part Seventeen
Part Eighteen
Part Nineteen
Part Twenty
Part Twenty One – a recovered fragment

The Memoires of Joachim Von Wintersein, Hero


Places of Interest

Grunewald Lodge

Current events
  • Gunther Emming has the chaos documents and the forged note
  • Aschaffenberg has lent the party his coach and requested they visit Hugeldal on their return trip from Stromdorf

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