Journal Twenty One

Where to begin?

A few days ago, life seemed simple. A few hours ago it seemed glorious. Now my head feels like Sigmar himself took a personal dislike to it, and my mouth tastes like the tender parts of Boris’ latest conquest. For the avoidance of all doubt, this is purely the result of alcohol – to the best of my recollection I have neither offended Sigmar nor spent any time in the company of the sort of filth that Boris favours. I confess it is possible that in my drunkenness I may have blasphemed slightly plus there was that episode in Mor’s Garden – I can see how a god might have taken offence there. But no amount of alcohol could tempt me to approach one of Boris’ conquests.

It all began with a request from Heisman von Bruner and Oaf Aschaffenburg. Their respective sons, nephews, and whatever else were apparently infatuated with a girl by the name of Esmerelda Fenstermacher. She was of respectably wealthy but insufficiently high birth…

Here I feel a brief digression is in order. A few discreet inquiries reveal that the Fenstermachers are of noble blood, albeit a minor line. More interesting to note is that technically the Aschaffenburgs and the Von Bruners both are of no more significant as a family than my own Von Winterstein clan. The sole advantage that they have in this locale is one of money. And contacts. Money, contacts and reputation. And possibly some, as yet, unidentified advantage of local import. But mostly the money. The Fenstermachers have money in abundance but lack breeding, which just goes to show that there really is no pleasing some people – whatever you bring to the party they are determined to find fault.

… Anyway, the pair of them (Aschaffenburg and Von Bruner for those unable to keep up) wanted me to find a way to prevent their heirs form forming an inappropriate alliance with the girl. In exchange for a few gold and a promise (or at least the expectation) that I would prevent Boris from making an exhibition of himself (small chance!), I was entrusted with the future of the families, as it were.

[The above fragment was recovered from Joachim’s waterlogged journal. Unfortunately the rest of this account was lost to a combination of Aver and Boris’ arse…]

Journal Twenty One

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