Grunewald Lodge

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Grunewald Lodge was originally built as a simple hunting lodge by the ancestors of the von Bruner family, more than 800 years ago. In the year 2012, the von Bruners rebuilt the manor as a defensive structure. During this period of history, the Empire was politically weak, with many claimants vying for the Imperial throne.

It was not until 2304, when Magnus the Pious united the Empire following the Great War Against Chaos, that factional infighting between the provinces diminished and the forests were purged of raiders. Grunewald Lodge was now an ugly fortification where once there had been a comfortable hunting lodge. As a consequence, the von Bruners neglected the building. During the last few centuries, it has become the inherited property of a lesser branch of the von Bruner bloodline and today is considered an inconsequential backwater.

As such, it was surprising when Andreas von Bruner was handed the keys to the manor in 2515. Andreas was the second son of a cousin of Graf Sigismund, patriarch of the very powerful von Jungfreud family. Due to the young man’s relatively high birth, charm, and undeniably keen intellect, he should have been granted a much more prestigious seat to control. Such an apparent snub caused a minor stir amongst those who maintained an interest in the affairs of the aristocracy, though the event went unnoticed by the general population of Reikland.

However, what became more widely known was the mysterious disappearance of Andreas five years later. No one could account for the vanished noble – he was simply at Grunewald Lodge one evening, then gone in the morning.

Recent Events

Two months ago, Ludmilla von Bruner, one of Andreas’s cousins, was betrothed to Rickard Aschaffenberg, a member of a minor noble family from Ubersreik. As part of the dowry, Lord Heissman has granted Grunewald Lodge to Rickard until Lord Heissman’s youngest son, Leopold von Bruner, comes of age. Rickard has spent a few weeks at the lodge in an attempt to get a feel for the place before moving in, and is beginning to suspect that something unwholesome is going on.

Also, a serious problem has developed. After an absence of many years, beastmen are once again gathering in the Reikwald Forest around the area. A herd of these creatures has been drawn to the
manor. An attack by these beastmen, occurring shortly after Rickard’s arrival, was savage, but was repulsed by the manor’s guards. The beastmen were driven back into the forest.

Grunewald Lodge

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