Boris' journal

I hate this fucking rain. The damn bridge to Stromdorf collapsed just as I had got us across. Sigmar had a hand in that. The mud was thick on the streets as we entered the Ubersreik gate and soon the bastard wheels were stuck fast. I whipped the slovenly horses harder than I should, but i’ll be poxed if I was going to stay in that fucking rain any longer. We arrived at the Thunderwater tavern with some minor damage to the coach.

The landlord was a man named Sebastian, who ran the place with his two sons and was a brewer of a strong beer called thunderwater ale. I don’t like ale, it tastes like piss so I stuck to wine. The wine tasted like piss too but it warmed me up some. A young Estalian fop joined us and he and Karl spouted bollocks for hours. I soon got bored and went whoring. The girl I found was large, I forget her name. I like large women, her arse was big and pale. I mounted her milky buttocks and rode her till morning….

There is good news! This rain has given Joachim a fever. He has hardly spoken all morning, Sigmar be praised! Karl, Victor and I went to the market and looked for information about Florien Vexler, the merchant we are seeking, while Joachim sat on his arse in bed. We didn’t get much from the shopkeepers and other merchants, but Florien was seen leaving the West gate a couple of weeks ago. Karl questioned a number of guardsmen by telling them that Florien owed them money. Karl is a lying bastard, I like him!

Our investigation led us to the farms on the edge of the peat bogs. Reiner Holtz, a farmer, was seen driving Florien’s coach and pony out of the North gate. We shall see what the thieving bastard has to say about this. We bought long leather coats and wide brim hats to keep the pissing rain off us and walked out to the farms. I like this coat, I think I’ll keep it.

We saw a fire in the distance and it turned out to be one of the farms. It had been raided by foul beastmen scum. Wherever I go these last few weeks all I see is the taint of chaos. I can see the hand of Sigmar in it and I know that he wants me to kill these fucking creatures. We followed their footprints to the next farm and found two men arguing. These inbred bastards had been sacrificing people to these beastmen for years, trying to keep them in their place. It seems to have stopped. They took us out to the dead tree they used for the sacrifices and a filthy beastman approached us. He tried to trick us into thinking that he would help us but the pox-ridden bastard was fooling no one. Victor filled his sorry hide with arrows and he ran into the night. He told us all we needed to know. We had to find the Lightning Stone to remove their power. By Sigmar I’ll find it and kill my share of the bastard filth sucking beasts too.

Boris' journal

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