Brash Young Fools

Well met in Hugeldal

In the town of Hugeldal, near the Empire border with Bretonnia:

  • Joachim is drunk and arrested by the local constabulary
  • Joachim is thrown into a cell with Karl
  • Stefan Tomich is thrown into the cell next door, he mutters something about the treasure of the Aschaffenbergs before being taken from his cell by the guards
  • Boris Braubach rips one wall of the cell down with his coach, he’s looking for Stefan but he finds Joachim and Karl.
  • Joachim and Karl take the opportunity to escape with Boris and head off in search of Stefan.
  • Stefan is discovered at the surgeons, dead.
  • After some shenanigans with the surgeon returning and the Night Watch arriving, our fools flee Hugeldal in the coach, heading North towards Ubersreik.

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