Brash Young Fools

The Liar, the Witch Hunter and the Priests robe
  • Meet with Ketzenblum, gained information that she suspects there was a traitor in the Southlands expedition, thought she asks more questions than she answers
  • Boris meets with Werner Markheim and fails to gain employment (though his name is on the books)
  • Go to the Temple and chat with Priest Frost, success, come back tomorrow to speak with High Priest Weiss
  • Search around town looking for evidence against Von Aschenbeck, eventually receive a letter from someone calling themself ‘Brenner’ saying meet me tomorrow at the Draken
  • Head to the Draken, find the room, steal the book, guard turn up, manage to dodge handing the book over
  • Return to the scholar’s to pore over ’Brenner’s Journal’, discover some of the letters are likely forged
  • Left a message for Ketzenblum at the Prospect to state that Von Aschenbeck is being framed
  • Went to the Temple of Ulric, met with Weiss, got approval to perform ritual
  • Return to the Draken, discover the whole place has shut up shop, Boris is suspicious
  • Visit with Von Oppenheim and tell him they have approval for the ritual
  • Return to the Scholars, no word from Ketzenblum that evening, there is a letter the following morning requesting their presence at the Trial of Von Aschenbeck
The Middenheim Project
  • Head to the Collegium Theologica and chatted with Oppenheim and left the clapper in it’s lead lined box with him
  • Head to the scholar’s and dumped bags
  • Boris goes to Graf Wolfgangs manor and asks for some work, he is told to come back tomorrow to meet with a Werner Markheim, who manages the Grafs business.
  • Head to the prospect and leave a message from Ketzenblum
  • Karl and Joachim go to gamble whilst Boris waits outside
  • Adele turns up, Boris follows her in and interrupts a card game that Karl and Joachim were in.
  • They receive a message to meet Adele at the Halfway House that evening
  • Head to the Temple of Ulric and gain one success against Priest Albrecht – he suggests they come back tomorrow to meet with Priest Frost
Something Rotten in Middenheim
  • Boris tries to find out information about the Black Cowl to no avail.
  • Urchin returns with information that Adele took the morning coach to Middenheim via Talabheim
  • Visit the Luminary and receive quest and the lead lined box containing the clapper
  • Travel to Middenheim with minimal effort
Return to Averheim
  • Theo tried to quiz the fools about the location of Karag Dronar, they didn’t tell him anything
  • But they did get ejected from Grenzstadt
  • Made their way back to Averheim via a local town where there was an encounter with a flagellant taking a small crew North to war
  • Met with Capt. Baerfaust – who asked them to chase down Adele Ketzenblum and find out what she knows about the Black Cowl
  • Met with Graf Kaufman – Boris gave Friedrich the axe taken from the Dragon Ogre and asked to be provided with a new breastplate. Kaufman agreed
  • Got a messenger asking them to go meet with Luminary Mauer
  • Tried to find Adele Ketzenblum and failed – recruited a local Urchin to locate her for them
The Harrower of Thanes
  • Engage Zurgash and the goblins. Boris lets his pistols off and the loud noise wakes Mydthroth.
  • Mydthrooth knocks out Karl
  • Boris and Joachim run
  • Mydthroth catches Boris and throws him past Joachim into the wall, Boris falls unconscious
  • Joachim runs into the workshop, tricks Mydthroth into running under the hammer and jumps off the platform, hitting him with the contraption which then collapses around the monster
  • Joachim runs into the next room – up into the gatehouse, throws his torch into the bowl of pitch and attempts to drop it down the murder hole into the creature, but misses
  • Joachim doubles back, barring doors on the way and first aids Boris back to health.
  • Karl awakes from his stress induced faint.
  • The group gathers in the great hall, Joachim positioning a scarecrow like figure and perching his hat atop it.
  • Mydthroth stomps through and falls for the trick, the Fools unleash all of their black powder weapons, sadly only Boris hits (however he causes a grievous wound on the creature)
  • He misses with a swing – next round Boris puts a bullet through him.
Karag Dronar
  • Enter Karag Dronar – Joachim attempts to run through gobbos in first room, fails, Boris shots one, Karl runs the other through
  • Check all doors in the next room, murdering snotlings and Nakka the squig, getting intoxicated by mushrooms
  • In the shrine, they spend a while investigating the sarcophagi and attempt to match runes on the alcoves to the hammer, finally leaving without leaving the hammer anywhere
  • In the workshop they free the two captives and then reorganise the workbenches in the room to make a ‘trap run’ that leads underneath the mechanical hammer
  • In the great hall, Boris shoots one of the goblins sentries in the face whilst the other escapes through the door.
  • The Fools yank the door open and shoot the escaping goblin and see the rest of Zurgashs crew gathered around him, chanting
The Vengeance of Fools
  • The fools head to the Markplatz to attempt to intercept the rest of Hans party
  • Karl and Boris tail Ralf and Berni out the gates, Boris blows Ralfs face off and Karl engages Berni for a very short lived duel
  • Urchin returns to Joachim and admits to losing Frederik
  • Second group of urchins return and inform them of Gottris location
  • The fools turn up at Gottri’s place, kick the door in and Boris is thoroughly nasty to him and they recover their items from him
  • They resupply and head out to Black Fire Pass
Alone in the wilderness
  • Tried a haling draught on Joachim – still no consciousness
  • press on – meet Ralf and Berni
  • press on – find the monument to Drumin
  • reach Karag Dronar, Hans attacks at night and drops Karl and Boris
  • Strips them of all gear (except some of Joachims hidden stash) and leave them tied up to die
  • Track them back back to Grenzstadt
  • Re equip and take lodgings for the night, resting up
  • Find Hans Blichter at the Last Rest
  • Karl tried to follow him home – get spotted en route
  • Scare the living crap out of Hans – enough to make him want to leave town
  • Joachim intercepts Hans trying to flee out the Empire gate and recovers some equipment
  • Karl hires some street urchins to turn up in Marktplatz on ‘ear day’
Entering the Pass
  • The Fools spend the next morning purchasing provisions for the trip into the Pass before heading to see Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen in the afternoon to gain a permit to hunt Orc bounties. As mentioned to them previously, they are to be paid 6s for each left Orc ear they bring the the market square on Angestag morning. Theodosius is his usual irritating self but besides a few perfunctory questions he is happy to grant the license and see the Fools on their way.
  • The following morning, the Fools meet up with Hans Blichter outside the Last Rest, who checks their equipment to his satisfaction before leading them out of Grenzstadt into Black Fire Pass
  • They have not long left Grenzstadt behind when an eccentric and slightly flamboyant fellow by the name of Frederick Muller (of the Nuln Nullers) hails them and requests that he join their expedition in search of his father who went missing in the Pass some weeks previously. They agree to allow him to tag along as long as he XXXXXXXXX. Boris and Hans take an immediate dislike to the man.
  • A few hours into the pass itself, as the party gathers on a grisly scene with some human heads on spikes, a Dwarf appears from behind a nearby rock and introduces himself as Gottri the Madaxe. He also wants to accompany the party into the Pass, but in his case it for the glory and joy of hunting Orcs.
  • Some time later, the Fools come across a stripped and broken wagon in the pathway and Frederick falls to his knees at the wagon, crying for his lost father as Frederick believes this to be hias fathers wagon. Sadly Frederick’s outcry notifies a nearby group of Orcs of the parties location and within a very short time, the group is being peppered by arrows from high up the mountainside.
  • The Fools make a valiant fight whilst their companions struggle up the hillside behind them and the Orcs are beaten off, although not before Joachim has been seriously wounded in battle.
From Averheim to Grenzstadt
  • After a short period of rest following the harrowing events in the sewers, and safe in the knowledge that the dockside assassins have been killed, the Fools decide to finally embark on their initial quest to return Hammer of the Lost Clan to its rightful resting place in Karag Dronar.
  • With the assistance of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman they procure free travel aboard the Red Arrow coaches and head South to Grenzstadt after a short and uneventful stay in the Orc’s Head tavern in Heideck, the only notable event being a begger in Heideck who grasped Karl’s leg and shouted “The hammer strikes on the anvil of the storm. Thunder! Thunder in the mountains! An ancient evil stirs. Doom! DOOM upon us all!” before falling silent.
  • When they arrive at Grenzstadt they disembark outside the gates to allow the coachman to avoid the taxes for entering the town. When they approach the gates there is a sign announcing a penny tax on any purchase of 1 silver or more to provide bounty money for Orc hunters. After further questioning of the guard they discover that a standard bounty of 6 Silver is offered upon production of a severed left ear of an Orc. There is also a 1 silver tax per leg levied on every man or beast entering the town. This tax is also subject to the penny tax meaning that the Fools have to pay 2 Shillings and 2 pennies to enter Grenzstadt.
  • Joachim enters into a sound argument as to why the trio should be exempt and instead offering to set the tax against future bounties, which are bound to be plentiful, as he is the notorious swordsman and adventurer Joachin von Wint…. During this lengthy oratory Boris pays his silver, enters the town and purchases a snack from the closest vendor and entreaties Karl to abandon Joachim and join him beyond the gate, which he gladly does with a wry smile.
  • Once within the town, the party heads to the Dwarven drinking hall of Dawr Urbaz, to locate Zarak Zurnisson, the ranger they were informed knew more of the Black Fire Pass than anyone. Sadly, he is not in attendance, being out in the pass escorting some merchants. He is not expected back for some time. The local Dwarves, outgoing by Dwarvish standards, inform the party that they could find a potential guide in the nearby Last Rest Inn amongst the bounty hunters.
  • Visiting the Last Rest (a much more down to earth establishment than Dawr Urbaz), the Fools discover a large quantity of local bounty hunters, the vast majority of them churning through their latest spoils and earning drinks from the local populace.
  • Joachim surveys the local clientèle to see if any of them are interested in leading the Fools into the Pass in search of Karag Dronar. Despite their posturing, the locals are mostly all recently returned from the Pass and have no interest in heading back out in the next few days.
  • One man does come forward and introduces himself as Hans Blichter, after a brief negotiation on exactly what the party are searching for, he says he is aware of the mountain they may be searching for and will take them into Black Fire Pass for a price.
  • The fools negotiate a fee of 6s to take them out to the pass, and ask to delay leaving for a day so that they can visit Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen and gain a permit to hunt Orcs so that they can use the bounty to offset the cost of the expedition.

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