Brash Young Fools

The Ritual
  • Gregor Piersson is trying to use Karl Ritter as a sacrifice in order to summon some kind of creature, using the infernal painting as a conduit.
  • The Fools interrupt the ritual, freeing Karl and Killing Gregor and the rest of the cult members (including the doctor, the cook and the librarian)
  • Sensing an opportunity whilst Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg is sleeping off the drug, the Fools ransack choice valuables from the manor house, including several proscribed texts in praise of Chaos from the library. They then settle down for the night.
  • In the morning, the party tell Rickard about the events of the previous evening and that his staff was playing host to a Chaos cult infection. Rickard is rightly stunned and pays the party a little extra above their agreed price (although markedly less than what they stole!) before accepting an offer of an escort back to Ubersreik
I can recommend the Venison
  • Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg tasks the fools with investigating the strange behaviour of his staff at the estate, under the guise of hired workmen
  • The fools scope out the kitchen, Boris Braubach draws the wrath of Karla Wagner, the cook by refusing to ignore her requests to leave the kitchen and allow her free reign to cook.
  • After Boris is pulled bodily out of the kitchen, the party moves on to investigate Lord Rickards study. Joachim von Winterstein starts sifting through the records of the estate and manages to throw the papers all over the room.
  • One of the servants (Gunnar Wetzel) hears the disturbance and comes to the room to clean up, accidentally dropping a note on the floor
  • Victor Von Hoffstein spotted the note and showed the other members of the party leading them to suspect their choice of the venison for dinner was not so great after all
  • Continuing their search, the party moves into the sitting room where, behind a plush curtain, they see something terrifying, a hideous painting with clear connection to the Ruinous Powers. Boris nearly collapses in fright at the sight of it!
  • Karl Ritter stays at the back of the main hall to keep an eye on the door to the sitting room whilst the rest of the party continue the downstairs search.
  • They move on to the library where they find Otto Geizhals, the librarian, idly doodling. A brief search of the shelves uncovers a lightly concealed pamphlet that proposes communing with the Chaos Gods since the Gods of the Old World won’t look after you after death.
  • Fearing further that they have stumbled onto a Chaos cult, the fools leave the library and reconvene, deciding to inform Lord Aschaffenberg.
  • Meeting the Lord upstairs in his room, they present him with the note and an explanation of the things they have seen.
  • Aschaffenberg isn’t wholly convinced and thinks that a note saying the goose is good is hardly evidence that the venison will be poisoned at dinner. He rejects the notion of changing his evening meal, at which point dinner is served.
  • During dinner, everyone who eats the venison becomes very lethargic, Vern Hendrick even falling asleep in his pudding.
  • Boris Braubach is given a small phial by Dr. Sieger to help with his head trauma, Boris drinks the concoction and is immediately overcome with the same lethargy the other guests are experiencing. He is, however, made of hardier stuff and manages to keep awake, albeit more fatigued than before.
  • After dinner, the guests all head off, the fools mostly following Lord Aschaffenberg upstairs to discuss their findings, except for Karl who tries to hide and keep an eye on the door to the painting room.
  • Karl is spotted by Gregor Piersson who asks what he is doing. Karl stumbles past Gregor and pulls the bandage off his face, revealing a large, bulbous eye growing on Piersson’s face. At which point Piersson strikes Karl far harder than a normal man would be capable of doing and knocks him out cold.
  • The remainder of the fools start to explain their findings to Lord Aschaffenberg, who falls asleep mid conversation.
  • Taking the opportunity to search Rickard’s private rooms, the fools start scanning for anything of interest. Boris locates a hidden passageway built into the bookcase that leads to an old chimney, which in turn leads down to dark, subterranean passageways.
  • Following the passageway, the fools come across a secret Chaos Temple, where a ritual is being enacted and it looks like Karl is about to be the main sacrifice!
May I Take Your Bags?


  • Victor Von Hoffstein is en route to Ubersreik in search of work based on a flyer he found when he comes across the wreckage of a crashed coach containing our Brash Young Fools
  • The group discusses the situation and set out to Ubersreik together, Joachim von Winterstein convincing Victor that it is in Victor’s best interests to carry Joachim’s luggage for him.
  • On arriving in Ubersreik, they head to the Red Moon Inn and meet with Vern Hendrick, who interviews them for the task at hand, also informing them that the true task will be to spy on Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg’s staff, and that the labourer job is merely a ruse
  • The next morning, our fools head off with Vern towards Grunewald Lodge, deep in the heart of the Reikswald
  • As they approach the lodge, a small local herd of Beastmen attack
  • After a brief struggle, during which the beastmen are seen off and Boris receives a fierce blow to the head, the guards open the gates to the Lodge and the cart is ushered inside
  • Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg greets the Fools heartily and leads them into his private study for a discussion of the task at hand
Well met in Hugeldal

In the town of Hugeldal, near the Empire border with Bretonnia:

  • Joachim is drunk and arrested by the local constabulary
  • Joachim is thrown into a cell with Karl
  • Stefan Tomich is thrown into the cell next door, he mutters something about the treasure of the Aschaffenbergs before being taken from his cell by the guards
  • Boris Braubach rips one wall of the cell down with his coach, he’s looking for Stefan but he finds Joachim and Karl.
  • Joachim and Karl take the opportunity to escape with Boris and head off in search of Stefan.
  • Stefan is discovered at the surgeons, dead.
  • After some shenanigans with the surgeon returning and the Night Watch arriving, our fools flee Hugeldal in the coach, heading North towards Ubersreik.

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