Brash Young Fools

A Final Confrontation
  • Returning to the bound form of Leopold von Bruner, the Fools break into the Inn to enact a ddaring ‘rescue attempt’ on the young noble they imprisoned and imparted to him the strange events that transpired whilst Joachim was pretending to be Leopold.
  • Leopold retires to the Von Bruner mansion to consider the situation and the Fools followed, rousing the household in a desperation to speak to Heissmann
  • Heismann received the returned locket and listened intently to the tale being told by the group.
  • After some repeated urging from Joachim, Heissman resolves that it is time to get the Witch Hunters involved and the entire group departs to Kriegers residence to wake him and entreat him come see this ‘daemon maiden’
  • Leading Von Bruner and Krieger to the Fenstermacher household, the Fools find Esmerelda and the mirror missing. There are clear signs that several people have assisted in removing the mirror from the premises. The Fenstermacher household coach is found missing.
  • Deciding to cover most ground, Krieger and some of his attendants go to the Ubersreik town boundary to ensure that the coach does not leave town, whilst the fools track the coach to the Von Bruner household.
  • Fetching Krieger and asking him to guard the perimeter, the Fools enter the premises to find them hauntingly empty. In Heissman’s study is an unconscious Esmerelda, Leopold and Guthrie. Heissman is tied up and being tortured by a clawed Daemonette!
  • Fearless in the face of such a monstrosity, the Fools are able to quickly dispatch the creature back to where it came from, whereupon it’s corpse dissolves into a cloud of smoke.
Trials of the Heart
  • As the Fools are standing around after the carnage at the Inn, Leopold arrives at his appointed time and is disappointed to find there is no Esmerelda.
  • However, a coach displaying Fenstermacher livery rolls up and Leopold takes that as his cue to start reciting awful poetry at the Esmerelda he imagines to be within.
  • As he is halfway through his verse, the curtain draws aside and the formidable bulk of Hilda, Esmerelda’s handmaiden, appears at the window. Mildly taken aback by this visage, Leopold is stunned when she hands him a letter containing the following:

My dearest Leopold, your efforts to win my heart have not gone unnoticed. It is my dearest wish and sincerest hope that you will come and meet me tonight at Fenstermacher manor so that you might court me properly.
Esmeralda Fenstermacher

  • Naturally suspicious, the Fools caution Leopold whilst manoeuvring him into a nearby alleyway, where Boris knocks the poor fop unconscious. He is then bundled into a nearby Inn whilst Joachim assumes his identity to visit the manor in his stead.
  • Approaching the manor at the appointed time, Joachim is greeted by the sight of Hilda at the door, who requests that ‘Leopold’ complete three tasks to prove his love for Esmerelda before he can be allowed to see her. The first task is to retrieve an old locket, in the shape of a small silver charm, that is currently being held by the Von Bruner family.
  • Visiting Heissman von Bruner, the Fools are able to convince him to part with the locket for a short while they intend to use it to persuade the girl away from Leopold. Investigating the locket, they discover this inscription on the inside

My eyes desire to look upon no other, so fair is my Kelsydra, all others pale beside her.

  • The Fools take the locket to Hilda who instructs them in their next task, which is to receive an ancestral blessing for the union. Hilda requests that the ‘suitor’ goes to Morr’s Field and read a love poem at the tomb she specifies.
  • Approaching the tomb with one of the Fenstermacher servants (Jory), Joachim starts to recite the poem written by one Heller von Bruner and directed towards his love, Kelsydra.
  • During the recitation, the air begins to chill and a ghostly form of someone the Fools assume to be Heller von Bruner materialises out of thin air! Jory runs from the spectre and there is a shout in the background from the priests of Morr who suspect that Necromancers have crept into the grounds and are practising dark arts.
  • Escaping before they can be accosted by the priests, the Fools make their way back to the Fenstermacher manor, inflamed at the event.
  • Losing patience, Boris kicks the door down and charges past Hilda in his search for Esmerelda and an explanation for the recent events. He barges past Rupert Fenstermacher, her father and charges into her room, where he finds Esmerelda sitting quietly brushing her hair.
  • The Fools launch into an attack on Esmerelda, accusing her of witchcraft and heresy, but she maintains that her intentions in the request were purely honourably as she wished her courtship to follow the path set by Heller and Kelsydra in generations past. She is most upset by the duplicitous nature of the situation when she discovers that ‘Leopold’ is not her Leopold after all but Joachim in disguise.
  • Esmerelda shows the fools the letters that detail the courtship and love between Heller and Kelsydra and tells the Fools that she found the letters in a small box that came along with the mirror her father gave her.
  • Turning their attention to the mirror, Rupert pleads with the fools that it is merely an old family heirloom that turned up when cleaning one of the Fenstermacher storehouses recently.
  • As the sound of the City Watch approaches closer and the Fools decide that they may have overstepped their brief in this task, Karl tries to shoot the mirror with his crossbow pistol, the bolt plinking harmlessly off the surface as the Fools leave to reconsider their approach
The Last Laugh
  • The Fools gather at the appointed time on the hill outside the city for Karl’s duel with Maximillian. It is clear that the hooded figure that approaches is too tall to be Maximillian himself.
  • Karl starts fighting and both Joachim and Boris quickly jump into the fight and surprise the mystery duellist.
  • The combatant puts up his arms and throws his hood back to reveal Guthrie von Hammastrat, who had been cajoled into fighting in Max’s place with the promise that beating a renowned duellist like Karl would prove Guthrie’s martial superiority and increase his chances with Esmerelda.
  • As the duel is defused, Guthrie mentions that he has received a letter from Esmerelda to meet him at the Inn of the Blazing Comet the day. The Fools convince him to use this opportunity to boast about how he ‘beat’ Karl in a fight.
  • The following morning, the Fools discover a jovial Leopold has received a very similar letter, with the time of arrival specified as being 30 minutes later. Smelling a ratman, the Fools setup at a table in the Inn to await the arrival of the suitors.
  • Tomas Karstadt arrives first, with two large bodyguards who take up a seat in the common room whilst Tomas heads upstairs.
  • 15 minutes later, Guthrie arrives and Tomas has not yet come down. Guthrie also heads upstairs.
  • Suspicious of what is happening, Boris also heads upstairs and starts opening doors. After several misadventures and upset patrons, Boris bursts into a room where a sack is dumped over his head and someone tries to knock him unconscious. Mildly taken aback by the attack, Boris is caught unaware and bundled into a cupboard with the slumped form of Tomas Karstadt.
  • Noting the lack of shouting and general mayhem commensurate with a Boris intervention, Karl and Joachim also head upstairs.
  • As Boris breaks out of the cupboard (after pilfering Tomas’ coin purse), Joachim and Karl arrive at the room and there is a brief scuffle as another nameless thug is brought to heel by Boris prowess with a pistol. The remaining cowed thugs spill that they were employed by Maximillian to knock out and strip the trapped suitors as they arrived in the room, for a purpose unknown.
  • The thugs then proceed to flee, chased by Tomas bodyguards and Joachim. At which point, Maximillian is seen approaching the Inn, spots Guthrie standing outside and swiftly turns to leave, at which point Guthrie gives chase.
  • Joachim lets Tomas’ bodyguards continue chasing the thugs and returns to the group, standing somewhat bemusedly outside the Inn.
Grand Inspiration
  • Upon return to Ubersreik and after a small amount of shopping, the Fools pay a visit to Lord Aschaffenberg who is in consultation with Lord Heissman von Bruner.
  • Two of the noble sons of Ubersreik (Maximillian Aschaffenberg and Leopold von Bruner) have recently become infatuated with a young, previously unknown and irrelevant young noblegirl by the name of Esmerelda Fenstermacher.
  • Rickard and Heissman want the affairs called off and their sons redirected to more suitable targets for their affection. However, they request this is done subtly and within the bounds of the laws of Ubersreik.
  • Seeking out the two young nobles, the Fools bump into Leopold in one of the taverns in town, where is busy composing poetry. The Fools ply him with alcohol and get him talking about his plans. He decides that to improve his poetry, he is going to take a trip into the Wilderness that very afternoon, to find a source of Grand Inspiration with which to write an epic poem to Esmerelda. He leaves to pack and will meet the Fools later
  • Whilst waiting for Leopold, Karl locates and tries to start an argument with the arrogant young Maximillian Aschaffenberg. Maximillian is very condescending and barely rises to the bait but Karl challenges him to a duel at midnight outside the city.
  • Meeting back with Leopold, the Fools start to head off into the Wilderness. They haven’t gone far when Boris is shot from the treeline by a crossbow and the whole party is beset by a group of bandits.
  • A short scuffle ensues where Boris’ pistol destroys the face of one of the ruffians and the rest, cowed by his ferociousness, let slip that they had been paid by Tomas Karstadt to ‘rough up’ Leopold on his way out of town and that they weren’t expecting there to be such fierce resistance!
  • After sending the ruffians packing, the Fools and Leopold return to town, Leopold having decided the wilderness had given him all the inspiration he needed!
Purge the Heretic
  • Boris strings the Cavalcade Leader up on the stage in front of the rapidly assembling townsfolk and Joachim gives a speech on the evils of Chaos whilst Boris sets the cultist on fire.
  • The Doctor is extorted out of some of his profits from his scam under threat of his involvement with the cultists being revealed.
  • After instructing the Doctor to do something about the pustulent filth in the well, the party leaves back to Ubersreik
  • On the road back to Ubersreik, the party meets the returning Shallyans, escorted by some Von Jungfreud guards, who are taking the Shallyans back to Hugeldal to restore order and inform Agnetha of her ‘misjudgement’
The Cavalcade Comes to Town
  • Joachim deftly steps out of the maul being wielded by one of the Cavalcade members, and the noise of the massive weapon hitting the floor rouses Bors, Karl and Victor from downstairs. A short scuffle ensues but the fools beat their attackers into submission and are able to recover.
  • Upon searching their attackers, they note one of them is carrying an empty satchel with a grim residue inside it.
  • The Fools leave Dr. Verfullen in the cell in the hospice and head off to investigate the Cavalcade.
  • Passing by the town square, Karl checks the well and notices that there is bubbling scum on the surface of the water and Joachim browbeats a guard into watching the well whilst the Fools head out of town to confront the Cavalcade leader.
  • Boris smashes the door of the Leaders caravan down and he and Victor head inside to engage the Leader.
  • Within, Boris and Victor are attacked by the decaying man, as well as three small, disgusting creatures that spring from apparently nowhere. Within a few short rounds, a festering Daemon creature emerges from behind a curtain at the back of the caravan.
  • Joachim uses his hat to start a fire under the rear wheel of the caravan during the fight.
  • The Leader and the Daemon are taken down just as the caravan catches fire and Boris pulls the corpse from the burning wreckage.
Guten Tag Herr Doktor
  • The fools spend a comfortable evening in the Bucket of Blood, Joachim and Karl each with private rooms and Boris staying in the common room.
  • The following morning, they notice that a few new wagons have appeared in town and they have begun to erect a performing stage opposite the Strigany encampment
  • The party goes to visit Doktor Verfullen and whilst waiting for him to finish with a patient, take the opportunity to spy around his office. Joachim discovers a crate vials containing a dull grey liquid along with an incriminating letter from a mysterious character called F and a shipping notice stating that the package was shipped from the Nordland capital of Salzenmund. The letter states that the cure is to be used to aid the town but explicitly not to help Matthias von Jungfreud, there will also be a followup meeting with ’F’s agent who will arrive with some travelling players at noon today.
  • After seeing the Doktor who prescribes some of the grey liquid for Victor, the party gathers in a nearby alley with a plan to waylay the Doktor and take his place.
  • The Doktor is knocked out by Karl and Joachim and Joachim dons the Doktor’s attire before heading for a meeting with the Cavalcade leader. The Doktor is secreted in the cells of the Shallyan hospice.
  • Joachim meets the cavalcade leader who tells him that he has done well so far and to go to the Shallyan hospice, where some medical supplies will be delivered later that day.
  • Joachim and Karl return to the hospice and question the Doktor, who rapidly tells all that he laced the well water with a virulent strain of Ghoulpox and then took delivery of the only medicine known to cure it, distributing it to the town and thus discrediting the Shallyan hospice.
  • As the Fools interrogate the Doktor, several members of the Cavalcade appear upstairs, Joachim goes up to meet them (still dressed as the Doktor) and they attack him on sight.
Return to Hugeldal
  • The Fools leave Stromdorf with the pieces of the map stone loaded into the wagon and head for Hugeldal to pay the respects of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg to his sister-in-law, Agnetha Von Jungfreud, who is currently custodian of the town.
  • About a mile out from Hugeldal the Fools encounter a highway ambush in progress. A small group of bandits led by an insane looking brute in dark leather armour seem to have waylaid a group of travelling priests and their knightly escort. Boris urges the horses on to intervene, firing his pistol at the maniacal bandit, while Victor begins to loose arrows into their midst. Karl leaps deftly from the wagon and runs the leader through before moving on to engage a second target. Joachim struggles to keep his balance on the fast moving vehicle and falls off, landing squarely on his arse.
  • Before long the bandits lay dead or fleeing. The priests are worshippers of Shallya and are eternally thankful to their rescuers. The leader introduces himself as Rudolph Bram and his surviving apprentice is Sonja Gerstein. They are accompanied by a Knight called Victor Hemmelman. They tend to the wounds of their saviours and Karl offers the Shallyans the use of Aschaffenbergs cart as they are travelling to Ubersreik to escape the oppression of their cult in Hugeldal. They say that Agnetha von Jungfreud has persecuted them and outlawed the worship of Shallya in the town. They also advised them that Agnetha’s husband, Matthias, has died of the hideous plague known as Ghoulpox, and her son, Leos have been left permanently scarred by it. This plague swept through the town but is now mostly gone.
  • Waving farewell to the Priests, the party follow a trail to the bandit camp, on which Victor falls foul of a tripwire and caltrop trap contracting some sort of disease in the process. In the camp they find a handful of silver shillings and a healing draught.
  • The quartet enter town, taking note of the Strigany encampment beyond the town walls. Once inside they spot a notice relating to two noblemen and an accomplice who are wanted for the murder of a town guard. Boris removes this notice and pockets it for destruction later.
  • After a brief visit to the temple of Shallya to find it part-converted into a sugery, although the doctor had not fully moved in yet. They discovered a number of padded cells in the basement, in which Karl concealed some small items. They went to the manor to speak with Agnetha von Jungfreud. After a short wait they were admitted and Joachim advised her that they were there to pass on the regards of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg. She then began to explain her reasons for outlawing the worship of Shallya for their methods and practices and how she believes that the skill and talent of physicians to be preferable to the false miracles of Shallyans. All the while Agnetha was coughing terribly and at one point produced a vial from a drawer and swallowed the contents which seemed to have a positive effect on her condition.
  • The Fools retire to the Bucket of Blood tavern to find lodging for the evening. and witness an agitator outside the tavern, selling pamphlets about the dangers of the evil Strigany. After discussing the situation in town with him briefly, the four head inside for the evening.
Schulmann's Gambit
  • Schulmann exits the Thunderwater Inn and immediately casts a spell that turns him into a bolt of blue lightning, streaking off towards the western Wissenland Gate.
  • The party follows him and when they reach the gate, find one of the guards with a smoking breastplate, looking the worse for wear. The guard tells the Fools that the crazy wizard shot him with a lightning bolt before fleeing through the gate at high speed, headed South following the river.
  • Hot in pursuit, the Fools all push their horses to the limit, sadly Joachim is unable to coax his horse into action and flags behind the group.
  • They reach a fisherman’s hunt shortly after Schulmann to find the fisherman with a smoking hole in his chest. Victor and Karl push a second boat out into the Teufel whilst Boris follows on the riverbank.
  • The party nears on Schulmann who has stopped at a point in the river that seems to be the centre of the gathering storm, he is casting lightning bolts into the river depths and shafts of blue light escape from the waters and envelope him.
  • Schulmann’s arcane defences are no match for Victors precision with a bow and two arrows send Schulmann into the watery depths.
  • After he is though drowned, Schulmann rises from the waters to briefly curse the party and holds aloft a talisman in the shape of a golden comet. The talisman glows briefly as Schulmann sinks into the Teufel and the heavens split to reveal a comet thundering down to the location of Schulmann’s death.
  • Boris and Joachim spur their horses into action whilst Victor rows for his life to escape the impact site. When the comet hits there is a huge tidal wave that floods the banks briefly, but after the skies clear up and the wretched storm appears finally at an end.
  • Back in Stromdorf, the party are accosted by Magnus Gottschalck, who accuses them of desecrating the Temple of Sigmar. Kessler urges that the fools leave town by the newly repaired bridge swiftly, before the priest of Sigmar does something rash.
On the Farm
  • Boris stands in the doorway after smashing it open and two arrows fly over his shoulder to strike and kill two of the shaman’s guards. Feeling that enough noise has been made by Gobspite’s screeching, Boris pulls out his pistol and kills another of his guards. Joachim and Karl enter the fray and soon Gobspite is standing alone against The Fools. Sensing his inevitable demise he shouts orders to the goblins below to “wake up Bulge”. A well placed arrow from the poacher strikes him in the back and he falls to his death.
  • Seeing their leader fall the Goblins flee the farm but not before awaking Bulge the Troll. Boris and Victor carry the two fragments of lightning stone from the room and the Fools escape. On their way out they also collecting Flea, a few of the Goblin bodies and herding the captured animals to safety, just before the hulking form of Bulge emerges from the outhouse adjacent to the farmhouse. Boris removes the heads from the Goblins and stuffs them into a pillowcase.
  • The Fools are welcomed back to the Ackerland farm as heroes and Gubo offers them a cow in reward, which they humbly decline (much to Boris’ chagrin). They stay the night in the barn to rest up before travelling back to Stromdorf.
  • Their return to the town is heralded by such crowds as would be expected to gather in the driving wind and rain that is ever present and both Adler and Kessler are extremely pleased with their work. Adler asks Boris for the Goblin heads in order to get them stuffed as trophies. The Fools receive payment and head directly for the Thunderwater tavern.
  • Schulman takes the two pieces of marble from the fools only to discover that a large wedge is still missing from what now appears to be a large stone disk. He desperately implores The Fools to find the last section and is very dismissive about the huge amount of riches they will receive in payment, leading them all to feel less than confident in his wildly exaggerated rewards. With no further leads and even less faith in the clearly unhinged wizard they leave his room.
  • Boris visits Kessler to ask where the best place to find a pistol in Stromdorf would be, to no avail. Upon his return he notices a bolt of lightning strike a large lightning conductor on the temple of Sigmar. Drawing on his recent knowledge of the lightning stones he heads directly there and speaks with Magnus Gottschalk, the priest of Sigmar. Gottschalk is outraged at the suggestion that a fragment of an heretical artefact should reside within the sacred halls of Sigmar and ejects Boris from the the premises.
  • Boris returns to the tavern and updates Joachim, Karl and Victor on recent events. They retire to their room to discuss their options as they all agree that the temple appears to be the resting place of the last piece of the stone. After much debate the plan is to disguise themselves as farmers and sneak into the crypts beneath the temple once Magnus leaves…
  • All goes according to plan to begin with. All four, disguised as farmers by the skillful hands of Karl Ritter, manage to descend into the crypt and find themselves in a small room full of priceless relics and tomes. Resisting the temptation to fill their pockets with the probably unsellable objects The Fools begin to search for signs of the stone. There is nothing obvious in the small room but the flagstones on the floor seem to be loose. Boris slides his rapier into the ground and finds something large and hard below. They lift the flagstones up and begin digging in the soft earth only to be interrupted by the door above being opened and the sound of descending footsteps. The acolyte, bearing a pile of scrolls appears in the archway and Karl promptly drops his greatcoat over the young man’s head and Boris delivers a sound blow to his head with the butt of his pistol. Fromm collapses, unconscious, to the floor. They continue digging with renewed haste and soon discover their goal – the final piece of the stone disc.
  • Boris strips the acolyte of his robes and uses it to cover the marble and they all attempt to leave the crypt. They are spotted by someone sitting in the pews and only by Joachim’s quick thinking and honeyed words did they manage to escape. The quartet retire to the now closed down Stewpot hostelry and discuss their options. Sending a messenger to the nearest college of magic would take too long and it would be difficult to know which way to approach the defamation of one of their fellow wizards. Taking the stone away would cause him to come looking for them and there are no routes out of the town that wouldn’t cause too long a delay, plus what would they do with the stone once they had it in Ubersreik? They eventually decide to take the stone to him with the intention of following him to the location marked on the map to ensure that their payment should be received.
  • Schulman is overjoyed to see that last section so soon and immediately puts it in place and begins to decipher the rest of the annotations and finally seems to come to a resounding solution. Looking up he notices the group waiting for him after not being dismissed, makes some excuses and then bolts for the door…

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