Brash Young Fools

The Plots thicken

  • The Fools rescue the family of the merchant Adolphus Stark from the burning barge and hear his story about how he was unable to pay the new racketeers that were demanding payment from him, since his shipment of Cathayan silks hadn’t arrived.
  • The following day sees a new body discovered at the docks, with the same horrible, festering wounds that were on Klaus Keller. This time, Luminary Konrad Mauer, a local Light Wizard, has taken an interest in the murder.
  • Ute is not at her usual busking spot today, and after a brief search she appears to be missing. Asking around, the Fools notice that it was raining yesterday, and thus a pattern of disappearances happening after rainfall becomes apparent.
  • Curd Weiss comes calling and says they have been doing such a splendid job for the Graf, that would they like to take another job that would involve travelling out of town the next day?


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