Brash Young Fools

The Missing Merchant

  • In the expectation of finding the missing merchant, Florian Wechsler, our Fools meet with Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg on the pretence of borrowing a coach for the journey to Stromdorf, where Florian was last known to be heading.
  • Rickard grants them use of the coach on the proviso that they visit the town of Hugeldal on their journey back. He is seeking information about one of Lord Heissman von Bruners’ relatives who has recently taken over stewardship of the town. Rickard is keen for the Fools to poke their noses around and see what they can dig up.
  • Boris drives the coach in the direction of Stromdorf for a full day, during which the weather gets progressively worse, culminating in the coach having difficulty crossing the Western bridge into Stromdorf.
  • The bridge collapses as the coach crosses it and Boris drives the coach into town and parks it expertly (with one broken axle) into the yard of the Thunderwater Inn.
  • The evening is spent meeting the locals and performing tentative enquiries as to the whereabouts of Florian Wechsler, a person the townsfolk haven’t seen for some time.
  • In the morning the group visit Keila Cobblepot, owner of the Stewpot Hostelry, where Wechsler was last seen. Keila, a Halfling, says she hasn’t seen Wechsler for several weeks, since he left early in the morning after fulfilling his errands and head Westwards.
  • Discussion with the town guard shows that Wechsler wasn’t seen leaving by the West gate on the date Cobblepot mentioned, but Reiner Holtz (a local farmer) was seen leaving the East gate on the same night, driving a crt pulled by a splendid white pony which the guards don’t recall seeing before.
  • Heading in the direction of the Holtz farmstead, the Fools come across the burning remains of the Eigel farm, which appears to have been hit by a Beastman raid. They spy the Holtz farm on a nearby hill and head in that direction to see if survivors have fled there.
  • Upon arriving at the Holtz farm, the Fools see Tristan Eigel and Fritz Holtz in the middle of an argument over the destruction of the Eigel farmstead. Karl Ritter calms Tristan down and he breaks down, being lead inside by Marie Holtz whislt the Fools find out what happened.
  • After several lies and false starts and much interrogation by Karl and Boris, Marie Holtz eventually admits to the group that the two farming families having been making sacrifices to the Beastmen for years in order to pacify the creatures and keep the town safe. Since the head of the Eigel family died, the Holtzes have wanted out of the practice but even since the recent storms began, the Beastmen have been completely out of control. She admits that Keila Cobblepot has helped them in the past by providing travellers that ’wouldn’t be missed’ and sending them to the farm for use in sacrifices.
  • Marie takes the party to meet with someone she says might be able to help with the current situation of rampant Beastmen and her and Otto Holtz lead the group into the Oberslecht, to the hag tree where the sacrifices are left.
  • Once at the clearing, a strange, cloaked figure emerges from the undergrowth and talks with the party about how they can end Izka the Madtooths bestial grip on the local herd by stealing the Lightning Stone which he believes is giving him the favour of the Dark Gods.
  • Victor Von Hoffstein catches the creatures features in a flash of lightning and, noticing that they are talking to a Beastman, Victor loses all control and looses an arrow at the creature…
  • In a red misted rage (of which he remembers little), Victor fires several arrows into the creature with unerring accuracy and the beast is felled before the rest of those gathered can move.


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