Brash Young Fools

The Middenheim Project

  • Head to the Collegium Theologica and chatted with Oppenheim and left the clapper in it’s lead lined box with him
  • Head to the scholar’s and dumped bags
  • Boris goes to Graf Wolfgangs manor and asks for some work, he is told to come back tomorrow to meet with a Werner Markheim, who manages the Grafs business.
  • Head to the prospect and leave a message from Ketzenblum
  • Karl and Joachim go to gamble whilst Boris waits outside
  • Adele turns up, Boris follows her in and interrupts a card game that Karl and Joachim were in.
  • They receive a message to meet Adele at the Halfway House that evening
  • Head to the Temple of Ulric and gain one success against Priest Albrecht – he suggests they come back tomorrow to meet with Priest Frost


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