Brash Young Fools

The Last Laugh

  • The Fools gather at the appointed time on the hill outside the city for Karl’s duel with Maximillian. It is clear that the hooded figure that approaches is too tall to be Maximillian himself.
  • Karl starts fighting and both Joachim and Boris quickly jump into the fight and surprise the mystery duellist.
  • The combatant puts up his arms and throws his hood back to reveal Guthrie von Hammastrat, who had been cajoled into fighting in Max’s place with the promise that beating a renowned duellist like Karl would prove Guthrie’s martial superiority and increase his chances with Esmerelda.
  • As the duel is defused, Guthrie mentions that he has received a letter from Esmerelda to meet him at the Inn of the Blazing Comet the day. The Fools convince him to use this opportunity to boast about how he ‘beat’ Karl in a fight.
  • The following morning, the Fools discover a jovial Leopold has received a very similar letter, with the time of arrival specified as being 30 minutes later. Smelling a ratman, the Fools setup at a table in the Inn to await the arrival of the suitors.
  • Tomas Karstadt arrives first, with two large bodyguards who take up a seat in the common room whilst Tomas heads upstairs.
  • 15 minutes later, Guthrie arrives and Tomas has not yet come down. Guthrie also heads upstairs.
  • Suspicious of what is happening, Boris also heads upstairs and starts opening doors. After several misadventures and upset patrons, Boris bursts into a room where a sack is dumped over his head and someone tries to knock him unconscious. Mildly taken aback by the attack, Boris is caught unaware and bundled into a cupboard with the slumped form of Tomas Karstadt.
  • Noting the lack of shouting and general mayhem commensurate with a Boris intervention, Karl and Joachim also head upstairs.
  • As Boris breaks out of the cupboard (after pilfering Tomas’ coin purse), Joachim and Karl arrive at the room and there is a brief scuffle as another nameless thug is brought to heel by Boris prowess with a pistol. The remaining cowed thugs spill that they were employed by Maximillian to knock out and strip the trapped suitors as they arrived in the room, for a purpose unknown.
  • The thugs then proceed to flee, chased by Tomas bodyguards and Joachim. At which point, Maximillian is seen approaching the Inn, spots Guthrie standing outside and swiftly turns to leave, at which point Guthrie gives chase.
  • Joachim lets Tomas’ bodyguards continue chasing the thugs and returns to the group, standing somewhat bemusedly outside the Inn.


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