Brash Young Fools

The Enemy Below

  • Shortly after the party attendees doing the seeking entered the hedge maze, the flightless Gryphon (Demigryph) goers on a rampage, somehow breaking out of it’s cage, it kills the falconer and then runs toward the hedge maze.
  • Karl jumps up onto the creature’s back and rides along with is as it charges into the maze in search of prey. Joachim and Boris follow slightly behind.
  • Whilst the Fools are chasing the Demigryph around the maze, a whump noise was heard coming from the garden party and a plume of smoke was seen rising from the marquee.
  • Whilst Joachim and Karl calm the Demigryph down, Boris returns to see what was up at the marquee, he finds the tent full of smoke and many of the guests fleeing the marquee area. Boris enters the large tent and discovers the dead body of Giselbert (Gravin von Alptraums bodyguard) next to the smashed display cabinet. The jade statue and the golden plaque are missing. With his last breath, Giselbert mutters something about a Black Hood.
  • Tracing the footsteps, Boris knows that whatever stole the statue and plaque has escaped into the bushes but he is too large to follow it.
  • As the party disperses, the Fools head back to the dockfront, determined to find the source of all the ill around Averheim and put a stop to it.
  • Boris drops down onto the mudflats of the river Aver and scouts around, noticing one of the storm drains that leads under the tannery district has several small footprints inside the mouth of the tunnel.
  • Pressing ahead into the tunnel whilst Joachim and Karl support with ranged weaponry, Boris treads forward before being attacked from the shadows by a vicious, poisoned throwing star. Shortly after this a huge brute of a rat creature comes stomping around the corner and pummels Boris back out onto the river bed.
  • The struggle is hard fought and Boris does not come away lightly but the two creatures (one with a black hood) are dispatched and shortly after they are put down their bodies melt away from some form of corrupting magical influence.
  • Karl investigates up the tunnel, finding the the tanners yard to have been the lair of these ‘ratmen’. Within he finds the jade statue, smelted down and recast into a large hammer headed device with the head worked into a skull. It would appear they were forming it into a form of clapper for use in a large bell. The plaque is also there although it has been cut down into smaller pieces.


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