Brash Young Fools

The Cavalcade Comes to Town

  • Joachim deftly steps out of the maul being wielded by one of the Cavalcade members, and the noise of the massive weapon hitting the floor rouses Bors, Karl and Victor from downstairs. A short scuffle ensues but the fools beat their attackers into submission and are able to recover.
  • Upon searching their attackers, they note one of them is carrying an empty satchel with a grim residue inside it.
  • The Fools leave Dr. Verfullen in the cell in the hospice and head off to investigate the Cavalcade.
  • Passing by the town square, Karl checks the well and notices that there is bubbling scum on the surface of the water and Joachim browbeats a guard into watching the well whilst the Fools head out of town to confront the Cavalcade leader.
  • Boris smashes the door of the Leaders caravan down and he and Victor head inside to engage the Leader.
  • Within, Boris and Victor are attacked by the decaying man, as well as three small, disgusting creatures that spring from apparently nowhere. Within a few short rounds, a festering Daemon creature emerges from behind a curtain at the back of the caravan.
  • Joachim uses his hat to start a fire under the rear wheel of the caravan during the fight.
  • The Leader and the Daemon are taken down just as the caravan catches fire and Boris pulls the corpse from the burning wreckage.


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