Brash Young Fools

Return to Hugeldal

  • The Fools leave Stromdorf with the pieces of the map stone loaded into the wagon and head for Hugeldal to pay the respects of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg to his sister-in-law, Agnetha Von Jungfreud, who is currently custodian of the town.
  • About a mile out from Hugeldal the Fools encounter a highway ambush in progress. A small group of bandits led by an insane looking brute in dark leather armour seem to have waylaid a group of travelling priests and their knightly escort. Boris urges the horses on to intervene, firing his pistol at the maniacal bandit, while Victor begins to loose arrows into their midst. Karl leaps deftly from the wagon and runs the leader through before moving on to engage a second target. Joachim struggles to keep his balance on the fast moving vehicle and falls off, landing squarely on his arse.
  • Before long the bandits lay dead or fleeing. The priests are worshippers of Shallya and are eternally thankful to their rescuers. The leader introduces himself as Rudolph Bram and his surviving apprentice is Sonja Gerstein. They are accompanied by a Knight called Victor Hemmelman. They tend to the wounds of their saviours and Karl offers the Shallyans the use of Aschaffenbergs cart as they are travelling to Ubersreik to escape the oppression of their cult in Hugeldal. They say that Agnetha von Jungfreud has persecuted them and outlawed the worship of Shallya in the town. They also advised them that Agnetha’s husband, Matthias, has died of the hideous plague known as Ghoulpox, and her son, Leos have been left permanently scarred by it. This plague swept through the town but is now mostly gone.
  • Waving farewell to the Priests, the party follow a trail to the bandit camp, on which Victor falls foul of a tripwire and caltrop trap contracting some sort of disease in the process. In the camp they find a handful of silver shillings and a healing draught.
  • The quartet enter town, taking note of the Strigany encampment beyond the town walls. Once inside they spot a notice relating to two noblemen and an accomplice who are wanted for the murder of a town guard. Boris removes this notice and pockets it for destruction later.
  • After a brief visit to the temple of Shallya to find it part-converted into a sugery, although the doctor had not fully moved in yet. They discovered a number of padded cells in the basement, in which Karl concealed some small items. They went to the manor to speak with Agnetha von Jungfreud. After a short wait they were admitted and Joachim advised her that they were there to pass on the regards of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg. She then began to explain her reasons for outlawing the worship of Shallya for their methods and practices and how she believes that the skill and talent of physicians to be preferable to the false miracles of Shallyans. All the while Agnetha was coughing terribly and at one point produced a vial from a drawer and swallowed the contents which seemed to have a positive effect on her condition.
  • The Fools retire to the Bucket of Blood tavern to find lodging for the evening. and witness an agitator outside the tavern, selling pamphlets about the dangers of the evil Strigany. After discussing the situation in town with him briefly, the four head inside for the evening.


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