Brash Young Fools

Guten Tag Herr Doktor

  • The fools spend a comfortable evening in the Bucket of Blood, Joachim and Karl each with private rooms and Boris staying in the common room.
  • The following morning, they notice that a few new wagons have appeared in town and they have begun to erect a performing stage opposite the Strigany encampment
  • The party goes to visit Doktor Verfullen and whilst waiting for him to finish with a patient, take the opportunity to spy around his office. Joachim discovers a crate vials containing a dull grey liquid along with an incriminating letter from a mysterious character called F and a shipping notice stating that the package was shipped from the Nordland capital of Salzenmund. The letter states that the cure is to be used to aid the town but explicitly not to help Matthias von Jungfreud, there will also be a followup meeting with ’F’s agent who will arrive with some travelling players at noon today.
  • After seeing the Doktor who prescribes some of the grey liquid for Victor, the party gathers in a nearby alley with a plan to waylay the Doktor and take his place.
  • The Doktor is knocked out by Karl and Joachim and Joachim dons the Doktor’s attire before heading for a meeting with the Cavalcade leader. The Doktor is secreted in the cells of the Shallyan hospice.
  • Joachim meets the cavalcade leader who tells him that he has done well so far and to go to the Shallyan hospice, where some medical supplies will be delivered later that day.
  • Joachim and Karl return to the hospice and question the Doktor, who rapidly tells all that he laced the well water with a virulent strain of Ghoulpox and then took delivery of the only medicine known to cure it, distributing it to the town and thus discrediting the Shallyan hospice.
  • As the Fools interrogate the Doktor, several members of the Cavalcade appear upstairs, Joachim goes up to meet them (still dressed as the Doktor) and they attack him on sight.


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