Brash Young Fools

Grand Inspiration

  • Upon return to Ubersreik and after a small amount of shopping, the Fools pay a visit to Lord Aschaffenberg who is in consultation with Lord Heissman von Bruner.
  • Two of the noble sons of Ubersreik (Maximillian Aschaffenberg and Leopold von Bruner) have recently become infatuated with a young, previously unknown and irrelevant young noblegirl by the name of Esmerelda Fenstermacher.
  • Rickard and Heissman want the affairs called off and their sons redirected to more suitable targets for their affection. However, they request this is done subtly and within the bounds of the laws of Ubersreik.
  • Seeking out the two young nobles, the Fools bump into Leopold in one of the taverns in town, where is busy composing poetry. The Fools ply him with alcohol and get him talking about his plans. He decides that to improve his poetry, he is going to take a trip into the Wilderness that very afternoon, to find a source of Grand Inspiration with which to write an epic poem to Esmerelda. He leaves to pack and will meet the Fools later
  • Whilst waiting for Leopold, Karl locates and tries to start an argument with the arrogant young Maximillian Aschaffenberg. Maximillian is very condescending and barely rises to the bait but Karl challenges him to a duel at midnight outside the city.
  • Meeting back with Leopold, the Fools start to head off into the Wilderness. They haven’t gone far when Boris is shot from the treeline by a crossbow and the whole party is beset by a group of bandits.
  • A short scuffle ensues where Boris’ pistol destroys the face of one of the ruffians and the rest, cowed by his ferociousness, let slip that they had been paid by Tomas Karstadt to ‘rough up’ Leopold on his way out of town and that they weren’t expecting there to be such fierce resistance!
  • After sending the ruffians packing, the Fools and Leopold return to town, Leopold having decided the wilderness had given him all the inspiration he needed!


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