Brash Young Fools

Garden party

  • After refreshing at the Gravin’s rural retreat, our party returns to Averheim with minimal disturbance. They meet up with Graf Von Kaufman and explain the bandit attack, noting that some of the bandits appeared to be well outfitted members of the local militia, or at the very least ex-professional soldiers.
  • The Graf notes that he has heard other rumours that would imply corruption in the city guard and they have begun to worry him. He informs the party that he is planning an important event to which the nobility of Averland is invited. He is wary of allowing the City Guard to police the proceedings and asks the Fools if they would accept the job of providing security for the event.
  • After some brief negotiations the party accepts. The they spend the evening frequenting the docks.
  • The following morning, the Fools arrive at the Averburg to provide security for the event. They are given a cold shoulder by the City Guard who are under firm instructions to remain on the outside of the party.
  • The party is an event for the Graf to display his spoils from the recent expedition to the Southlands. There are creatures of various unique types and sizes scattered around and all the important local nobility gathers for the party.
  • Shortly after midday the Graf reveals his prize collection, several artefacts gathered from the expedition, including a disturbing statue made form a sort of smoky jade and an extremely valuable looking gold plaque. Luminary Mauer decries the statue as a thing of pure evil and after a brief spat with the Graf, leaves the party.
  • To calm down the proceedings, one of the ladies in waiting suggests a party game, she will go hide at the statue of Verena in the hedge maze, and after 15 minutes the other guests should come looking for her.


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