Brash Young Fools

Entering the Pass

  • The Fools spend the next morning purchasing provisions for the trip into the Pass before heading to see Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen in the afternoon to gain a permit to hunt Orc bounties. As mentioned to them previously, they are to be paid 6s for each left Orc ear they bring the the market square on Angestag morning. Theodosius is his usual irritating self but besides a few perfunctory questions he is happy to grant the license and see the Fools on their way.
  • The following morning, the Fools meet up with Hans Blichter outside the Last Rest, who checks their equipment to his satisfaction before leading them out of Grenzstadt into Black Fire Pass
  • They have not long left Grenzstadt behind when an eccentric and slightly flamboyant fellow by the name of Frederick Muller (of the Nuln Nullers) hails them and requests that he join their expedition in search of his father who went missing in the Pass some weeks previously. They agree to allow him to tag along as long as he XXXXXXXXX. Boris and Hans take an immediate dislike to the man.
  • A few hours into the pass itself, as the party gathers on a grisly scene with some human heads on spikes, a Dwarf appears from behind a nearby rock and introduces himself as Gottri the Madaxe. He also wants to accompany the party into the Pass, but in his case it for the glory and joy of hunting Orcs.
  • Some time later, the Fools come across a stripped and broken wagon in the pathway and Frederick falls to his knees at the wagon, crying for his lost father as Frederick believes this to be hias fathers wagon. Sadly Frederick’s outcry notifies a nearby group of Orcs of the parties location and within a very short time, the group is being peppered by arrows from high up the mountainside.
  • The Fools make a valiant fight whilst their companions struggle up the hillside behind them and the Orcs are beaten off, although not before Joachim has been seriously wounded in battle.


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