Brash Young Fools

Day Trip

  • Following Curd’s offer of work, the Fools leave Averheim in search of a cart that should have been entering Averheim from the West after it left the Welcome Rest in several days ago.
  • Approximately 12 miles out of Averheim, marks are found which indicate a cart has been pulled off the road. The cart is found in a clearing, surrounded by some mutants, who are quickly and fatally dispatched. The wine from the cart has been drunk and it’s other load (which was apparantly several kegs of gunpowder) appears to be missing. The only item left is a box containing a few bolts of silk. This is returned to the Red Arrow offices.
  • After returning to Averheim, Curd thanks the Fools, pays them and offers them further work tomorrow if they turn up early.
  • When they head back down to the docks area to search for other clues relating to the disappearances, Captain Marcus Baerfaust is looking for them. This sturdy captain of the guard is concerned about the safety of Averheim and quizzes the Fools on the mutant/bandit threat, as well as their intentions within Averheim. He warns them not to fall foul of the law whilst in his city, since he has enough trouble keeping the peace with the current elector crisis.
  • After the meeting with Captain Baerfaust, the Fools return to the docks seeking further clues on the disappearances, scanning primarily around the waterfront area. They find a battered case, floating in the Aver, which contains Utes hurdy gurdy. It’s caught against the poles of one of the jettys to the West of the main bridge and looks like it has been swept downstream to that point. The weather takes a turn for the worst and it starts to rain heavily.


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