Brash Young Fools

Cheap Tickets

  • After seeing to Heissman Von Bruner and ensuring he wasn’t permanently damaged by his torture at the hands of the Daemonette, the Fools call on Matthias Krieger to take Esmerelda into customdy for consorting with Chaos.
  • Guthrie storms off in a huff at having been deceived and takes his soldiers with him.
  • Leopold looks wistfully at the retreating Esmerelda and runs off with a tear in his eye.
  • The fools congratulate themselves on a job well done and decide to have a night on the town to celebrate.
  • The celebration must have been good as our party remembers very little of it when they awake with pounding heads on the roof of a stagecoach travelling down the road.
  • No sooner have they taken stock of their surroundings than the coach comes under attack from a small tribe of goblin wolf riders. The guard riding up with the coachman turns to fire his arquebus but sadly doesn’t brace himself fully and falls off the coach with the recoil, only to be crushed beneath the wheels of the coach.
  • The fools see off the Goblins but not before Karl has fallen from the coach and badly wounded his sword arm and the coachman himself has taken an arrow to the back.
  • As the coachman lies dying in his vehicle, the Fools retrieve a letter from his body labelled ‘for the Graf’. Opening it, they see it is written in a coded, difficult to understand cipher.


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