Brash Young Fools

Alone in the wilderness

  • Tried a haling draught on Joachim – still no consciousness
  • press on – meet Ralf and Berni
  • press on – find the monument to Drumin
  • reach Karag Dronar, Hans attacks at night and drops Karl and Boris
  • Strips them of all gear (except some of Joachims hidden stash) and leave them tied up to die
  • Track them back back to Grenzstadt
  • Re equip and take lodgings for the night, resting up
  • Find Hans Blichter at the Last Rest
  • Karl tried to follow him home – get spotted en route
  • Scare the living crap out of Hans – enough to make him want to leave town
  • Joachim intercepts Hans trying to flee out the Empire gate and recovers some equipment
  • Karl hires some street urchins to turn up in Marktplatz on ‘ear day’


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