Brash Young Fools

A Final Confrontation

  • Returning to the bound form of Leopold von Bruner, the Fools break into the Inn to enact a ddaring ‘rescue attempt’ on the young noble they imprisoned and imparted to him the strange events that transpired whilst Joachim was pretending to be Leopold.
  • Leopold retires to the Von Bruner mansion to consider the situation and the Fools followed, rousing the household in a desperation to speak to Heissmann
  • Heismann received the returned locket and listened intently to the tale being told by the group.
  • After some repeated urging from Joachim, Heissman resolves that it is time to get the Witch Hunters involved and the entire group departs to Kriegers residence to wake him and entreat him come see this ‘daemon maiden’
  • Leading Von Bruner and Krieger to the Fenstermacher household, the Fools find Esmerelda and the mirror missing. There are clear signs that several people have assisted in removing the mirror from the premises. The Fenstermacher household coach is found missing.
  • Deciding to cover most ground, Krieger and some of his attendants go to the Ubersreik town boundary to ensure that the coach does not leave town, whilst the fools track the coach to the Von Bruner household.
  • Fetching Krieger and asking him to guard the perimeter, the Fools enter the premises to find them hauntingly empty. In Heissman’s study is an unconscious Esmerelda, Leopold and Guthrie. Heissman is tied up and being tortured by a clawed Daemonette!
  • Fearless in the face of such a monstrosity, the Fools are able to quickly dispatch the creature back to where it came from, whereupon it’s corpse dissolves into a cloud of smoke.


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